A Wana Quimica

Wana Química

Established in May, 2001, Wana Química started its activities related to the paint industry, when it was representing commercially large companies across the country.

In 2003, it expanded its activities into the market with the commercialization and distribution of chemicals.
Expansao-I - Vista Aérea - 2007

Expansion I

In 2007, it acquired an area of 25,000 m2 to set up its first manufacturing plant in Jacareí city, at São Paulo state.

In 2009, with 4,000 m2 of manufacturing plant, Wana started the production of polymeric additives for the decorative paints segment. Simultaneously inaugurated its subsidiary in the Northeast, called Petrowan.
Expansão II - em 2011

Expansion II

In 2011, occured the expansion of the additives area providing more capacity to meet growing demand.

Expansion III

The demand did not stop increasing and so between 2012 and 2013 began the construction of the new production building, designed to be all automatized to continue ensuring Wana´s product quality.


Besides painting and coatings market, Wana Química operates in three other great markets: home and personal care (sanitizers), leather and textile. It also features in the company´s portfolio, products for the markets of: paper, ceramics, adhesives, construction and road marking.

In 2014, the new production building was completed, increasing by 5 times the production capacity.

logo-petrowanAbout the Subsidiary

Petrowan - Petrowan - Wana Química Subsidiary at Northeast – is situated 5 km from Fortaleza and 15 km from the Industrial Pole.The subsidiary is close to major companies in the Paint & Coatings Industry, Textile and Home & Personal Care. With local production of some items and distribution of others, Petrowan offers all technical and logistical support needed to better serve customers in the North and Northeast.

In 2016 a new plant will be started, expanding the production and providing more products from Wana´s portfolio to region customers.  

For more information:
Tel. +55 (85) 3260-9162
Address: Estrada do Fio, 4271 - Timbu - Eusébio
Zip code: 61760-000

América Latina

Nowadays, besides attending throughout Brazil, it is also present in Latin America and Mexico.

In an internationalization process, since 2013 Wana began to penetrate up Latin America through some strategic partners:

Disan - Distributor in Colombia and Peru. Company specializing in chemicals since 1976, which began operations in Colombia and is present in various markets such as pharmaceutical, animal nutrition, oil, paint and construction. It has a complete portfolio, effective logistics and technical assistance to customers through laboratories with staff properly trained in Wana Química.

Global - representative in Mexico. It is a young company comprised of experienced people in the technical field of paints formulation and coatings with high performance acrylic additives.

The company offers logistic support and local service to customers. Wana also acts directly on region customers.

Act with professionalism and efficiency, introducing innovative products and loyal and competitive relationship. Be based on quality, safety, environment and social activities in the community where it is located. It is made up of people who care about working with warmth, harmony and dedication, seeking professional growth and Wana Química´s, as well.

Being a reference in the market as a company that works with seriousness and competence offering quality products and services.

  • Professionalism;
  • Quality, Safety and Environment;
  • Punctuality;
  • Innovation;
  • Loyalty;
  • Seriousness;
  • Harmony and Cordiality;
Armazém Produtos Acabados - 2009

Finished Products Warehouse – 2009

Armazém de Produtos Acabados - 2011

Finished Products Warehouse – 2011

Armazém de Produtos Acabados - 2015

Finished Products Warehouse – 2015

Entrada - 2007

Entrance – 2007

Entrada - 2010

Entrance – 2010

Entrada - 2014

Entrance – 2014

Escritório - 2008

Offices – 2008

Escritório - 2015

Offices – 2015

Fachada - 2011

Front – 2011

Fachada - 2012

Front – 2012

Fachada - 2014

Front – 2014

Galpão (Atual Refeitório) - 2007

Hangar (Current Dining Hall) – 2007

Galpão (Atual Refeitório) - 2010

Hangar (Current Dining Hall) – 2010

Galpão (Atual Refeitório) - 2014

Hangar (Current Dining Hall) – 2014

Prédio Poli - 2010

Poli Building – 2010

Prédio Poli - 2011

Poli Building – 2011

Prédio Poli - 2013

Poli Building – 2013

Prédio Poli - 2015

Poli Building – 2015

Tanques - 2010

Tanks – 2010

Tanques - 2013

Tanks – 2013

Tanques - 2015

Tanks – 2015

Since the beginning, Wana Química has been engaged in forming valuable partnerships and representations with important companies in the current market.
To do so, we choose carefully companies with special certifications and concerned with social and ecological responsibility.


Solofino, a Motin Company Group, operates in the mineral extraction area.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct is a document that reflects the ethical values of Wana Química and the expected conduct of its employees in the development of all its business activities.

I. Fundamental principles

Wana Química is based on honesty and integrity, and relationships with its various stakeholders.
Respects and seeks to fulfill the Brazilian legislation, committing to compliance with international guidelines.
Protecting the environment is one of the legacies that the Company offers to future generations.
We are a socially and environmentally responsible company, and our decisions include, always, an evaluation of Ethics nature.
The reflection accompanies each of our steps in order to allow continuous improvement of processes and procedures, and the celebration of achievements. It is a reflection of our constant improvement.
We disapprove any form of discrimination, whether due to on grounds of race, sex, religion, nationality, political opinion, age, social class, disability, sexual orientation and marital status.

II. Responsabilities

All are responsible for compliance with this Code of Ethics and Personal Conduct, all Partners-Owners, Permanent and Temporary Employees, Interns and Trainees, Service providers and suppliers

III. General Guidelines

Wana Química and its Customers:

– Wana Química invests in attend the priorities of its customers safely and competent

– Exchanging accurate informations, with integrity and professionalism;

– Fulfilling its commitments, deadlines and rules consensually combined;

– Always listening to the Customer opinion, giving it the proper treatment and indispensable response;

– Through the transparency of their commitments, strengthen the commitment to its customers;

– Never performing actions or reactions, both professionally and personally, which have as their direct object, harm customers;

– Caring for the health and safety of people with regard to strict compliance with manufacturing standards of its products.

Wana Química and its Employees (Staffer):

The growth of Wana Química is directly linked to the binomial efficiency / well being of its employees.

Wana Química has as responsibility to care for the physical and professional integrity of its employees, enhancing team spirit and involvement of all, developing among employees, an open and constructive dialogue, based primarily on trust.
Each employee should avoid situations which may lead any conflict between their personal interest, direct or indirect , and the interest of the company to which it belongs, such as:

– Accepting from na interlocutor favors, gifts or invitations with the goal or purpose to benefit itself, as well as overpaying operating expenses;

– Making improper use of tools or instruments of labor, causing costs for the Company;

– Participate in decisions in other companies, others and external to Wana Química;

– Use information or material and intellectual assets belonging to the Company’s equity, for their own benefit or for purposes other than the interest of the Company;

– Employees should have fidelity in compliance with the rules, determinations, laws and internal procedures which governing the productivity, quality and safety to personnel and Company news.

It will be up to the employee:

– Follow strictly the decisions of their superiors as to comply with the work instructions, standards and principles relating to safety work, including and necessarily the correct use of PPE – Personal Protective Equipment;

– Treat the Company’s customers with courtesy, dignity, equality, justice and respect, without any discrimination or privilege, whether by reason of race, gender, age, sexual preference or religion;

– Report any act or strange or unusual activity that may affect the smooth running of the Company.

Behaviour Rules:

– The use of programs and softwares belonging to the Company, must be used and applied solely for internal business purposes, becoming forbidden their use outside the boundaries of the restricted areas without proper and necessary hierarchical authorization;

– It is forbidden to misuse of materials and functional features of the Company, being understood as abusive and subjected to repression, any practice of theft, stealing, vandalism and internal violence to people and things;

– It is forbidden the usage of Companys facilities for illiciting purposes and others to what is intended to Company, especially with respect to acts that violate the moral, the ethics and morality;

– Internal information, are assets of the Company; and its Employees must ensure for Company intellectual property as a whole;

– It is forbidden to disclose, copy, distribute or take any action based on restrict information of the Company, without the express authorization of its leaders;

It is forbidden any discrimination for reasons as race, sex, age, color and function.

– It is forbidden any kind of ill-timed approach, physical or moral harassment, and requiring immediate communication to the Department of Human Relations;

– It is forbiden the usage, possession and trade in illicit substances on the premises or adjacent areas of the Company;

– It is forbidden to carry weapons of any kind, on Companys dependencies, except in the exercise of function with proper documentation and indispensable superior authorization;

– The Internal Communications, should be transparent and keep them fully informed Employees and Suppliers on the issues that affect them;

– It is the duty of every employee to inform hierarchically, any act or attitude that disregards or confront this Code of Ethics;

– It is the duty of every employee always perform their tasks under the terms and conditions set forth;

– It is the duty of every employee preserve and ensure the company’s own, its facilities, and also for all its intellectual property;

– It is the duty of every employee and staff take their successes and mistakes;

– It is the duty of every employee strive for excellence in performing the tasks assigned to it;

– To inform immediately to their superiors, problems and difficulties encountered in the performance and progress of the tasks assigned to them;

– Do not get benefit with work and acts which did not participate because it is illegal, unjust and unworthy;

– Always be careful about the hygiene and tidiness of your work environment, as it is fundamental practices within the security prevention and maintenance policy;

– All work tool, whether individual, collective, for mobiling or stationary use, must be kept rigorously clean and in good condition, and should always be used properly, aiming the purpose for which it is intended.